2017 Marketing Company of the Year & Ontario & Best Female Entrepreneur - Ontario

Marketing Company of the Year – Ontario & Best Female Entrepreneur - Ontario

Iris Blu is a solution-based 360 marketing agency that answers the needs of its clients from a multi-platform perspective. We invited Co-Founder Anissa Holmes to tell us more.

Iris Blu works with its clients, who vary from major retailers to start-ups, to the education, financial, automotive and health sectors, to provide a solution to their marketing needs. These solutions can come in any form, whether they be through creative content, digital and technology media, experiential marketing, or even events. Anissa outlines how the firm works to ensure that clients receive the very highest standard of service that exactly meets their needs by leveraging its dedicated and skilled team.

“Here at Iris Blu, we are boutique but remain impactful and innovative, drawing on the experience and expertise of our incredible team. We believe it takes a team to create and execute exceptional products and the successes of our clients is proof of our commitment and dedication to them. 

“With divisions in marketing and events as well as in event staffing, Iris Blu is at its core, a relationship focused business. Both my Co-Founder Rachel and I have a strong sense of collaboration and commitment to our clients and that has gone a long way towards our successes and exponential growth in the Canadian marketing industry. We are also empowered by other female entrepreneurs and ensure we can empower others to follow their passions.

“What really sets our firm apart is that we have found the perfect balance between digital and the human component, ensuring success for our clients. Almost all of our campaigns now have a digital component, whether this is for data collect, or even just an attraction piece.”

Being based in Canada, the firm finds a number of benefits; the region is both multicultural and inclusive, meaning that there is a great deal of inspiration to draw from.

Looking to the future, Anissa and her team are keen to build upon the firm’s current success and grow even further, ensuring that they remain ahead of the latest market developments in order to continue to meet its clients’ ever evolving needs.

“Ultimately, as our business has evolved over the years, we have really become the solution provider.  Our clients require an agency that is versatile, agile and adaptable to their KPIs, budgets and overall global initiatives.”

“As such, in order to provide our clients with cutting edge services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations, over the last 8 months Iris Blu has begun offering our clients digital marketing, creative content and has started including technology as a consistent service.  Canadian marketing programs have become far more digital over the last few years and our team diligently works to ensure we stay ahead of that trend and to consistently offer our client new and innovative creative solutions, which will remain our ongoing focus over the coming months and years ahead.”


Anissa Holmes